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A wonderful day off the bikes

by PointlessPeople

Fairbanks was the Northernmost point of our journey, and to celebrate this milepost we opted to take a day off. A decision made very easy as we were invited to stay with a most wonderful family of four and a little puppy!

Andrew, Hillary, Ayla and Ace were the most magnificent hosts. We were given their downstairs rooms for living quarters, and did our laundry, restocked on all supplies and had our bikes checked out at the local REI.

We also found Alaska’s one and only fully vegan restaurant called the Diving Duck, and ate all too much. But given that we will be heading out into the wilderness for some time again we have done our best to fatten up. (If for no other reason than to feed the bears.)

Leaving this house and this family were difficult, but we were told many beautiful things would lie ahead. So that gave us some strenght.