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Greetings from Tok!

by PointlessPeople

Another night indoors and a hot shower to go with it? Yes and please! Especially since it had been raining hard, and rain is nice to listen to if you lie in a cosy bed.

The chain of how we were to come and stay in the house of Sara, Peter, Claire, Emma and Miles is one both long and complex. But let me try to explain it:

Rathi Krishna knows Sudevi who hosted us in Anchorage. Sudevi’s partner is called Ryan. Ryan knows Andrew with whom we stayed up in Fairbanks, and Andrew knows Peter (who is not shown in the photo because he’s co-ordinating the firefighting efforts up the road). And this here is Peter’s family and their friend Stephanie (minus Miles, the youngest kid, Peter, as stated earlier, and three dogs, out of whom Spot won the puppy section of the mushing competition!)

Got all of that? Good! 🙂

After Tok it was time to head to the wilderness again, as there are few things between there and the Canadian border.