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This has happened so far, pt 3.

by PointlessPeople

New Jersey isn’t all that rural. So there was a question of where to stay for the night. The state park we had in mind would unfortunately close at eight o’clock, and camping wasn’t even allowed there.

So we were getting a bit worried. But not terribly worried. We still had about two hours of daylight to fix this. So onward we rode. And came to the bridge that’s located on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As chance would have it we saw two ladies there, and for one reason or another decided to ask them if they would happen to know about any campsites. They didn’t. Which was cool, since all you can do is ask anyway. And eventually someone will give you the answer.

But we learned that there was a fire station just half a mile up the road, so we decided to ask if we could camp out in their back yard. But as we were leaving toward it Kaisa had some trouble clipping into her pedals. Which meant I rode ahead, while Kaisa struggled with the pedal.

By the time she managed to clip in, the lady we had spoken to ran up to Kaisa, and offered us a place to stay. She had a spare bedroom that we could sleep in for the night, should we so desire. She even offered to give us a ride, so that we wouldn’t have to ride the last miles.

That was an offer we had to decline, as we still had some pride left in us. 😉 But the offer for a bed and a warm shower was one we greeted with great enthusiasm.

And we kid you not! The house was beautiful, the bathroom pristine, the bed so very soft and the welcome as warm as you could ever wish for.

The name of the lady was Lisa, and she is an angel! And the word of the day is serendipity.