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This has happened so far, pt. 6.

by PointlessPeople

Christoffer took a dip in the pool. You know, being the duck that he is, he cannot resist the clear waters of a swimming pool. So that kind of made for a late start. But it didn’t really matter. We are in no rush, and the road ahead is long.

But the terrain is tough. Did we already mention that? But it is! And we’re not the only ones who think so. All the people we’ve met who have some sort of inclination of what going cross country means keep telling us the same thing: Once past Pennsylvania, it will be smooth sailing.

We wish this to be true, tough we can’t help feel so very inadequate when facing the challenges we’ve encountered.

Still, each day has its own ups and downs. So it’s not all downs. The prominent up for this day was a vegan cafe/activist centre in downtown Lancaster. Not only did the kind people make us a delicious meal so big we took half of it with us to have for supper, but they also gave us good tips for the ride. And oh, did we mention they also gave us a box of cookies to eat whenever we felt overpowered? (Unfortunately there aren’t enough cookies in the world to combat that feeling on a bike trip, but this will do for some time.)

The remaining part of the day we mostly rode our bikes through pleasant, though not all too memorable areas. And then came to a campground which (to our middle class privileged blue eyes) was straight out of some horror/splatter movie. Even the characters we encountered scared us, though that says more about us than them. We just haven’t gotten over the idea that Americans are like the people we meet on Manhattan. This small island sure was different from the one where our trip started off from.

But as the day drew to its close, and the stars lit up in the sky we fell asleep like babies in our little green tent. A tent that already has become very dear to us.