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On experience

by PointlessPeople

Experience is a funny thing. We think we know things, because we’ve encountered something similar some time earlier on.

But all too often I’m being surprised on this bike trips how little I really know. Even about such everyday things as winds.

Back home a heavy wind can be annoying, but it stops at that. Over here, the wind might just blow you off the road. And quite out of the blue, I might add. Storms arise as if out of nowhere, and are gone as quickly. That is what you’re seeing in this picture.

Only moments later, Kaisa had to hop off her bike and walk with it, as it was no longer safe to keep pedaling.

Tomorrow we’ll be encountering something I have no experience of – a forest fire. We can already see the smoke bellowing high above the horizon. The firefighters from all around are staying in a nearby park, and seem both stressed out and exhausted.

When asked, they said that the road should be open still tomorrow. But we’ll know for sure only when we get closer to the affected area.

Interestingly this will coincide with us crossing the great continental divide, should we be so lucky as to make it that far.

Now the only thing we can do is rest, restock our supplies and hope for the best.