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Pure gravel

by PointlessPeople

Who would have thought that riding a bike in America would entail spending a hefty amount of time on gravel roads? I mean yeah, I get the gravel roads in the Amish county somewhere in Pennsylvania, but all over the states? Or is it just a conspiracy by Google to keep us off the roads where we would inevitably be disturbing the car drivers?

Be that as it may, the absolute low point came today, when we where directed onto a private road (apparently a big no-no according to Kaisa, who is ever so afraid of getting accused of trespassing) which was not so much a road as a pasture. With a little cute bridge on it, sure, but still a pasture.

But we made it, as always. And once back on her beloved asphalt Kaisa vowed to do everything in her powers to keep us off the gravel in the future.