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The Great Lake

by PointlessPeople

The person answering the phone was clearly impressed by the fact that we were riding bikes. So even though the rules of the Indiana Dunes State Park clearly stated that it would be first come, first served, and that the remaining lots would certainly be gone by the time we got there he would personally see to it that there would be a place for us there.

And once we made it to the campsite after an enjoyable but uneventful day on the bikes we found ourselves designated to a black spot on the campground map. ”This spot doesn’t officially exist, but we will give it to you!” we were told.

And it was perfect. Close to the pathway to the beach, close to the showers and located in a nice shaded place.

After we’d pitched the tent we immediately made our way to see Lake Michigan. The previous campsites all had their own charm, but nothing could really top this sight!

And even though it was already getting darker, it took me no time to slip into my swimming trunks and dive in. What a joy to be surrounded by cool fresh water after a hot day on the bikes.


The small treat of the day: We bought ourselves something extremely American: A pan of JiffyPop pop corn! Which we later at night thoroughly enjoyed in the soothing light of our headlamps!