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What is the toughest moment on a bike trip?

by PointlessPeople

The answer might surprise you. It is the evening of a rest day. Your body has been accustomed to moving, but occasionally needs its rest as well. That is all fine and good. But the mind gets very restless when there is such a change of pace.

It is a peculiar kind of restlessness, a blend of fear of the next day (more cycling) and a nagging feeling that the rest day should have been more productive.

Yes, we did our laundry, planned the route and booked the hostel at our end destination. And still so much more could and should have been accomplished. At least that is what the mind keeps telling us.

We should have written more updates, shared more photos and sent more postcards.

But on the other hand we need some time off as well. Not to always be on duty so to say.

And yes, we know, it is our holiday, and we’re privileged to be able to go on a prolonged trip like this. But still it is hard work. Not unpleasant, but hard.

So we hope you forgive us for not keeping you all that up to date even though now we would have had the chance to do so.

So what did we do instead? Well, we ate. And slept. And did nothing. Something we’ve been in dire need of. Doing nothing – how wonderful is that not?

We also got ourselves haircuts. Paid a grand total of 24 dollars for them. 10 for me, 14 for Kaisa.

We also learned how the town drunk had done a failed attempt at a bank robbery, as to get funds for his cancer treatment. And guess what, he won, because even though he got caught (and many suspect this was his goal from the start) he now got the healthcare offered to prisoners over here. Which apparently is more than those on the outside can expect.

This is at times a very strange land to be in. But never boring, we’ll give you that, America!

Signing off, from Motel Silver Spur, Burns, Oregon.