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Valentine’s day Update, Pt. 8

by PointlessPeople

Some days are hard. Some are uneventful. And then there are those that are just perfect.

Yesterday was one of those. Beautiful scenery, with the prairie opening up in front of us in all lit’s solemn majesty, and a good tail wind to keep us going at a pace unimaginable still the day before.

We crossed beautiful high bridges, experiencing a kind of nature we hadn’t before. And we met a cool guy in Long Pine, who showed us his rat rod pickup truck. (An International which he himself told us wasn’t probably even road legal, but as they don’t inspect cars in Nebraska it was all good!)

At one point I took a nap on a table, while Kaisa wrote a few post cards. And then we continued.

Just before seven o’clock we arrived at Valentine. Here we stayed for one night, enjoyed a wonderful salad, fruits and lemonade. And did our laundry. Something that has been long overdue.

Life is good. At least at Valentine. Wish you were here!