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Welcome to Whittier

by PointlessPeople

It is an old adage that luck favors the one who tries, and that held true this time as well.

We have stood by the gate to the Whittier tunnel for less than ten minutes when a big pick-up truck pulls up, and after a very brief negotiation agrees to throw our bikes and bags on the truck bed and have the two of us squeeze into the back cabin.

The trio, originally from Minnesota, amused us with tales of life in a place they themselves deemed ”like Finland, but more depressing”.

The two point eight mile ride through the tunnel was one of the more peculiar ones we’ve witnessed. Narrow, low and equipped with tracks to accommodate a train. A bit claustrophobic, and definitely not something you would ever have wanted to even try out on a bike.

And that is the story of how we went not over but trough a mountain on our way to the harbor.