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“You need to get out!”

by PointlessPeople

We were thinking of going to a town called Gary, and asked the campground owner about the best way to get there. He looked at us, and asked if we had any particular business that we needed to conduct in Gary.

We told him no, we were just thinking of maybe looking for a nice vegan restaurant there or something, as it was a bigger city.

After which he told us not to go to Gary. And to emphasize what he just said told us about his visit to the place in the following way.

”I was in Gary, sitting in my car, when a police car pulls up to me and asks me if I’m from around there. I told him no, I wasn’t.

–Then you need to leave.
–Now! You need to leave now!

And there I was in the red lights waiting for the lights to turn green with an order to leave. But as I stood there in the lights the cop car began honking. He wanted me to run the lights! So urgent was his desire to see me leave.

So yeah, unless you absolutely must, I would strongly advice you not to go to Gary!”

” * *

It is still a bit strange to think that there are areas which would be dangerous to even ride through. But that is all part of this cultural exchange. We learn as we go. And one thing we have learned thus far is to listen to advice given to us.

We took a different route.