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Fine dining

by PointlessPeople

So what’s for dinner, you might ask? And the answer is pretty simple, if you’re on the road like we are – something that cooks quickly, is filling, and ideally cheap as well.

Over here, where most of the roads won’t take us anywhere near a well-stocked Whole Foods or the like, we are left to what’s being offered at the mini-marts and the gas stations.

And as far as vegetarian food goes, that’s a pretty limited line they have to offer.

So I’ve been cooking my trademark one pot meal of pasta in tomato sauce with beans and/or corn. Some black pepper, sugar and salt will help it taste like something.

Now this might not sound like a gourmet meal to you, but I assure you that after a day on the bike and a lunch consisting of a Clif bar and some potato chips washed down with a Snapple it is a luxury to be praised!