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Sometimes a little cyclist is so very tired

by PointlessPeople

There are days that are tough. Sometimes there is an apparent reason, other times there is none to be found. But every pedalstroke just weighs a thousand tons. This was one of those days.

We had now made it to Washington. The state, not the capital. Heading for the most Northwestern part of the United States.

I would have given up on a few occasions, but Kaisa was the stronger one this day, and kept pushing me when a push was needed, and allowed me to rest when rest was called for.

That is the reason why you are able to go further when traveling with someone. It is rare that both would be in a slump at the same time. So we continued. Thanks to Kaisa’s determination and belief that something good awaited around the corner.

And as so often is the case, a hard day has a silver lining.

This day’s silver lining was a wonderful little co-op store in Clallam Bay, where we were offered a most warm welcome and friendly words. We ate good, and were treated so well we were almost ashamed of ourselves.