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Valentine’s day Update, Pt. 1

by PointlessPeople

Where to start? So much has happened since we last met.

And there’s been a whole lot of bad internet. Or no internet at all. So at the risk of repeating myself, if you want to experience it all, you need to tag along. In real life. But in lieu of that, here’s a small update.

And the headline? Keep reading, and eventually you’ll get all the answers!


We were in a hurry. And usually there is only one reason for this during our trips. Food. And that was the case this time as well. We were approaching Des Moines at a good pace, but Kaisa still feared that there might not be any tofu left at the Whole Foods salad bar.

And that would have been a disaster, since this would be the last Whole Foods before hitting California. From which we are still a good bit removed from.

But we made it. And just before going ballistic Kaisa, upon seeing the empty slot where the tofu should have been, mustered up all her good sense and asked if there perhaps was some more of it somewhere. And wouldn’t you know, the kind employee took no time in bringing out a fresh batch. Crisis adverted!

So we ate. Big boxes of salad. With tofu! And drank. Cold, wonderful coconut water.

After which we rolled over to Dave and Lori’s place, as they had the good sense of getting a house just a few blocks from the Whole Foods. That’s the kind of planning ahead we appreciate!

We found Dave on the Warmshowers website, and he kindly invited us over to his lovely home. Next to our beds his family had prepared a small snack table, which was much appreciated by us. In no time we got used to all the comforts a real home affords you – fresh, soft towels, a bed to sleep in and electricity.

Dave also patiently took the time to plan a route out of Des Moines for us. And lead the way the next morning, as he was an avid cyclist himself. I barely got a glimpse of all the bikes he had hanging from his garage ceiling.

The sign of a real cyclist is that the number of bikes needed is n + 1. But even more important than adhering to this equation is that you ride those bikes.

And this family surely did just that. Indeed Dave and Lori have the wonderful idea of riding their bikes in all of the different states. And not just short stints, but proper trips. To really get a feel for the place.