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Valentine’s day Update, Pt. 6

by PointlessPeople

There was supposed to be a campground around, but we couldn’t find it. So we rolled up to a bar, a bit to tired, a bit too dehydrated and hungry for our own good.

So an argument ensued – who would have to go inside to ask for directions? I thought it would need to be Kaisa, because she’s the smart one, and she understands instructions and does the navigating anyway.

Kaisa on the other hand thought it should be me, and that I was just trying to throw her under the bus once again by making her go inside the somewhat clunky bar.

After some debate, I told her what the hell, I’ll go ask, but I won’t understand a thing they say, because I’m hopeless with directions.

But wouldn’t you know, inside I found a table of three, who immediately gave me clear and concise instructions. And the best part was that our park was less than a quarter of a mile away. I had even seen it, but didn’t at the time understand that camping would be allowed in it.

The trio at the table just laughed at me upon hearing this and told me that should someone bother us, we should tell them we had their permission.

Half an hour later we had a steaming bowl of pasta and beans in front of us, prepared by yours truly, the tent was up, we had showered with the help of our bottles, and a storm was rolling in over us.

So we spent our wedding anniversary camping in the city park of Ewing while outside our thin walls a thunderstorm ravaged the surrounding area. (We wouldn’t even have known it was our anniversary, would it not have been for Facebook who reminded us…)

Viewed from the inside of our most comfortable tent this was all we could wish for. To fall asleep while lightnings light up the world is an experience second to none. At least after another long day on the bike.