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Amazing things that happen on the road

by PointlessPeople

It began by pure chance – we were looking for a place to stay close to a mall where we would get our broken laptop replaced. We called the nearest Warmshowers host, but got only voicemail. The second potential host answered. And then invited us over.

The couple who greeted us at the house turned out to be the most amazing people. Running their own adventure travel company in addition to doing crazy tours themselves. We immediately recognized them as our own.

We got a comfortable room and a warm welcome.

But there was so much more in store for us.

When I cautiously asked whether we could stay for another night and figure out all the things we needed to figure out we got a reply in a second: Of course we were welcome to stay.

The next day our host approached us, presenting an idea that he would like to invite over a few friends. If it would be okay with us we could tell them about our journeys. I asked him if it would be that night. He said no, that’s the catch, we would need to stay for yet another day. He understood our desire to get back on the road, but asked us to think about it.

So I spoke with Kaisa, and thought what the hell, lets do it! It’s our vacation anyway.

Little did we know that the event would turn into a big garden party with over 40 people coming to listen to us talk!

And talk we did. Told about our trips to the Arctic Ocean, to Murmansk, to Nice and to Japan. And how I threw up in Costa Rica from the heat.

And the crowd listened. Intently. And asked questions. And then more questions.

And once our host declared the speaking part to be over people came over and thanked us so much for how inspirational our talk had been. We felt both humbled and a bit embarassed. But happy. Very happy.

So we had an amazing evening to say the least. And when we continue we will have such good memories to keep us company.