Home Yleinen Kryptonite


by PointlessPeople

Today Kaisa was complaining a bit. It had to do with the head wind we were experiencing.

You know how Superman is more or less invincible. Except when it comes to Kryptonite. Head wind is Kaisa’s Kryptonite. It brings out her inner complainer.

So what was she complaining about? Well, the road. The asphalt. The navigation. This, even though she herself did the navigating. The… well, everything.

I turned back, and told her not to complain. Right now, as we were cycling through the most beautiful scenery some poor soul has to sit in an office, chained to their desk. Witnessing the great outdoors through a small window on the back of the hallway. All while wearing a sweater to keep warm because of all the air conditioning.

There were no more complaints.